Spreading The Word About HIV Prevention For African-American Women

African-American women are more likely to be infected with HIV than other women, and many don’t know it. So public health officials and advocates are trying to get the word out about PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis. It’s a daily medication that helps prevent HIV infection. Continue reading Spreading The Word About HIV Prevention For African-American Women


¿A favor o en contra? La reforma migratoria

No todas las personas en Estados Unidos podrán votar en noviembre, pero no quiere decir que no les preocupe el resultado también. Los inmigrantes indocumentados y el tema de la inmigración han estado en el centro del proceso primario
electoral. La retorica e ideas que han sido discutidas acerca de la inmigración podrían ser realmente peligrosas para toda la comunidad inmigrante.

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Wishful Smoking

The descending sun is obscured behind the thickening, rising cloud of smoke coming from the inch-long joint of paper and plant. It sways languidly toward the ceiling, leaving behind its sweet and floral scent. In the distance, the hastening cars from the five o’clock commute give the city a fast-paced rhythm. Perhaps some are headed home. Perhaps others are franticly heading toward their favorite local watering hole. It is not uncommon for Americans to find some way to unwind from the demands and expectations of adulthood. Here, however, the bottle caps aren’t being popped off. Instead, a flicker ignites a miniature fire.

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When Technology Crosses The Line

In the last few decades, technology has played an integral and advanced role in the development of modern society. From the introduction of the personal computer to the ever-developing smartphone most of us own and utilize today, technology has rapidly advanced its usage in our contemporary world as well as advanced society. There is virtually no aspect of our modern human life that has not been impacted by technology. This includes the social phenomenon of drug trafficking and purchasing. Continue reading When Technology Crosses The Line